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The following courses are offered through our Ministry.

  • The “Porneia Paradigm” presentation to your group
  • The “Porneia Paradigm” – Train the trainer two-day seminar
  • Understanding Addiction
  • Pornography: The new drug of choice
  • PTSD: Our soldiers are dying at home
  • Preparing for prison: Taking advantage of an opportunity
  • Defending the Christian worldview
  • The truth about evolution: It ain’t true!
  • Post incarceration: Returning from the twilight zone
  • SYMBIS Assessment: Saving Your Marriage Before it Begins
  • Understand your Temperament: The APS Profile

If your organization or church would like to host one of our courses at your location please contact us today for additional information. Dr. Williams is also available for presentations to groups in reference to the above mentioned course topics.

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Nothing is sacred any longer. The culture has so far removed itself from the basic Christian values that many fail to see a moral framework within which to live. Television, movies, the media, social experimentation and especially the internet has opened up Pandora’s Box. No matter what desires you may have, sinful or not, they can be fed on a 24 hour basis. Yet many try to feed their needs through ungodly ways; they want to stop, but they just can’t. The evidence is clear that once an addiction takes hold of us, spiritually, emotionally and physically, there are actual changes in the addicts brain chemistry. The good news is that behavior is learned and can be changed.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to counsel incarcerated sexual offenders within the federal prison system. God gave me the opportunity to actually live within the prison setting and witness the degrading and harsh treatment they receive on a daily basis from fellow inmates and staff as well. God has called me into this specific ministry and His Word teaches that we are all redeemable. The majority of the men I counseled were professing christians who had fallen away from their faith and were now ready to begin the healing process. The vast majority were pornophiles and serving sentences for possession of child pornography. Their story could be yours. The mantra among these men is “Federal prison is only a mouse click away.” I was privileged to counsel many of these men and witness the healing spirit of God restore these men to the light.

Let me provide you with some food for thought. You are not alone in your struggles, but you alone must make the choice to overcome your addiction. If left unchanged, your addiction will cause you to suffer the loss of your family, friends, jobs and your freedom. The following statistics speak of how Satan is using the internet to destroy our families today.


  • 4.2 million pornographic websites
  • 4.5 billion average daily pornographic emails
  • 100,000 child porn websites
  • Men admitting to accessing pornography at work: 20%
  • Christians who claim pornography is a major problem in the home: 47%
  • Breakdown of male/female persons addicted to pornography: 83% male, 17% female


  • 90% 0f 8-16 year olds have seen pornography
  • 70% of men visit a porn site once a month
  • First experience with porn: 11 years of age


  • Percentage of men who go online for their masturbation materials: 99%
  • Percentage who watch porn on their smartphones: 14
  • Average duration of a porn viewing session: 15 minutes or less
  • Percentage who watch porn with a partner: 26


  • 42 years of age
  • White (89%)
  • Male (98.7%)
  • U.S. Citizen (97.7%)
  • High School education (92.1%)
  • Some college (58.1%)
  • No criminal history (79.9%)
  • Average length of sentence for first time offenders: 6 to 8 years

Child pornography has been called the “White Man’s Crack”


  • 95% of Federal prosecution in pornography cases results in a guilty plea
  • 1994-2006, Federal Prosecution of Child Porn cases have increased by 82% (it should be noted this increase is in direct relation to the growth of the internet)
  • 500,000 divorces a year are contributed to use of pornography
  • There is little to no empirical evidence for a cause between viewing pornography and the commission of a contact offense.
  • As of August 2014, there are 83,753 incarcerated sexual offenders within the Federal System (39% of the total prison population)

Please, contact us today if this addiction is eating away at your very soul. Do not be part of that 39% prison population. You will be found out.

“Blessed are they whose transgressions are forgiven, whose sins are covered. Blessed is the man whose sin the Lord will never count against him and in whose spirit is no deceit.” (Psalm 32:1-2)

THE PORNEIA PARADIGM (Por - nee - a) (Pair - a - dime)


Addiction to lustful thoughts, erotic thinking and/or internet pornography is behavior that is habitual, repetitious and very difficult or even impossible for the sexual offender to overcome. Short-term pleasure leads to long-term consequences. This addiction manifests because the needs of the offender’s temperament are not being met in a godly way.

During individual counseling sessions, the offender and the counselor discuss the following influences and examine each in great detail:

  • Family of Origin
  • Social / Cultural
  • Psychological
  • Stressors
  • Codependency
  • Spiritual

After an in-depth history is obtained, the offender is presented with his/her temperament traits in the areas of Inclusion, Control and Affection based upon the results of the Arno Profile System. The Offender can then reflect upon how specific needs within those three areas were not being met in godly ways.

This five month program was developed within the correctional setting where inmates have an opportunity in overcoming such an addiction because they are removed from the triggers and denied access to the technology that may have led them into the darkness of sexual sin. It is easy to be lulled into a feeling of false security, forgetting that the moment the inmate is released from custody, sexual sensory overload will overtake him/her like a flash flood, washing away his meager defenses because he never failed to prepare for such an onslaught. The inmate, nor his free counterpart, must never forget that “Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour” (1 Peter 5:8). It is imperative that the inmate be properly fitted in God’s armor prior to his re-entry into society. This program has been modified to address the person currently suffering from sexual addiction that has not yet crossed that line into the unlawful world where the path of sexual sin ends. Simply put, the sexual offender, incarcerated or not, needs to create a plan that is specific to his temperament in order to face the storms of life that are destroying his life. This is the reason for the development of the PORNEIA PARADIGM. This Paradigm is based upon the disaster preparation model of mitigation, planning, responding and recovery from the onslaught of natural or man-made disasters. The PORNEIA PARADIGM provides a structured and practical outline that the sexual offender can adapt to his/her specific needs in addressing the primary threat to his spirit, soul and body: Sexual Sin.



“PTSD not only affects the mind, it is trauma of the soul”

Major Jeff Master, an Army Chaplain, states “one of the most obvious markers of the war-torn soul is suicide.” The statistics tell us that veterans commit one-fifth of all suicides in America today. That averages out to around 8,000 suicides each year. In 2012 alone, our country lost more active duty soldiers to suicide than to combat in Afghanistan.

In the ‘Frontline’ documentary The Soldiers Heart, Marine veteran Rob Sarra tells of manning a vehicle outside of an Iraqi town. He saw a burqa-clad woman carrying a bag approach another vehicle full of marines. He gestured and shouted for her to stop, but she continued walking. Having been warned about suicide bombers, Sarra had seconds to decide whether to shoot his weapon or risk seeing his buddies blown up. He shot. Other Marines opened fire as well. As the woman hit the ground, she pulled out what was in her bag - a white flag. Sara began to weep hysterically.

Can you relate to such a scenario?

From a Christian Worldview, a moral injury occurs when a soldier is exposed to or partakes in “acts that transgress deeply held moral beliefs and expectations.” According to Dr. Warren Kinghorn, those with severe, long-lasting PTSD, “the burner under the pot” was often “a combination of fear, guilt and shame.” Those potent emotions came not only from what they had witnessed, but also from their own actions in the morally confusing situations of modern combat.

As Christians, we know there is such a thing as good and evil. A moral law exists and that law has been placed within our hearts by a mighty God. However, in our fallen world, especially during times of armed conflict, the trauma within our souls can be devastating. Fortunately, the Bible is a story of repentance, redemption and restoration. Jesus came to fix what was broken; namely us.

I invite you to call me today. Lets just get together, share a meal and share our story. No office, no pressure, no presumptions, no fee. We’ll let the Holy Spirit take it from there.

(Jeremiah 29:11-14)

(Excerpts from CT, June 2015, War Torn, Annalaura Montgomery Chuang)

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