Legal Counseling Services

We provide counseling services and take referrals from law firms in reference to clients that are suffering from addictions, abuse, assault, PTSD and sexual deviant behavior. In addition, our specialty is in providing specific services in regards to the sexual offender and includes the following;

  • Law Firm Client Package: Includes 30 50 minute sessions available to clients. The discounted APS testing fee of $40.00 is the responsibility of each individual counselee and is due the first session. At the end of the allotted sessions, the package may be renewed.

  • Arrest / Pre-trial release: Initial consultation and interview, APS testing and evaluation, Acute-2007 Assessment (sex crime only), CCH review, witness evaluations, written report with recommendation and risk assessment.

  • Trial / Sentencing: Minimum 6 individual counseling sessions, APS testing and evaluation, Static-99 and Stable-2007 assessment (sex crime only), complete background analysis, aggravating/mitigating factors, family of origin analysis, written report, evaluation and risk assessment.

  • Standard Counseling (direct referral from law firm): APS testing, written evaluation and treatment program to meet the needs of the counselee.

  • Porneia Paradigm Counseling Program: Initial consultation, minimum 6 individual counseling sessions, APS testing, Static-99 assessment, 20 group sessions. (This package includes a discounted rate of $75.00 for each individual session in excess of the minimum of six if the client or his legal counsel decide to continue the sessions)

(Additional or replacement assessment tools are utilized as needed)

These are just a few examples how we can develop a program that will meet the needs of your clients. To discuss specific fees or other available services we offer, contact us today.

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