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The following are the six characteristics we have incorporated into our counseling model to best serve our clients.

SHORT TERM – In setting a specific time frame it allows us to stay focused on specific goals and seek God’s will in facilitating growth through our counselee’s present life situation. Our experience shows that 87% of specific problems can be addressed within a six-week treatment plan; however, if the issues are not resolved within six sessions we are willing to continue on.

BIBLIOTHERAPUTIC – It is imperative for our clients to realize how God’s Word can help them in and through problems in their lives. Consequently we incorporate reading the Bible and other Christian sources into our approach. In addition, we utilize Temperament Therapy as a key Christian diagnostic tool. This tool was developed by Dr.’s Gene and Phyllis Arno of the Sarasota Academy of Christian Counseling.

HOLISTIC – This is the process we utilize as we consider the total parts of a person; the body, the soul and the spirit. As a counselor, we must be responsive to the behavioral (actions), cognitive (thoughts) and the affective (feelings) strengths and weaknesses within our counselee’s temperament. We address the whole person as created by God, not just the parts. This may include referral to your family physician, physical conditioning recommendations and evaluation of your current diet. All these aspects have a bearing upon our spiritual and mental health and are addressed.

STRUCTURED – We ensure that each session has clear focus and is built upon the foundation of the previous session. We want to stimulate growth in and through our counselee’s present life situation.

SPIRITUALLY FOCUSED – We do understand that mental and emotional problems can be caused by chemical imbalances, disease and/or past trauma. This does not, however, discount the damage that can be done to us spiritually. We will and do make medical referrals if we feel it is warranted, yet we continue to focus on our client’s spiritual growth as well.

EXPLICITLY CHRISTIAN – The primary goal for us is to facilitate the counselee’s awareness of the response to the call of God and to their surrender and service to Him as well. When we begin to focus on God and not ourselves, we start to move into His will for us and not seeking our own will. This is what truly makes this counseling approach different than that of the secular.


TEMCON is a Christian counseling ministry located in Bandera, Texas. We are not a secular psychological, psychiatric or mental health care facility and claim no affiliation to state licensure. We seek no benefits from tax exempt status from the federal government and truly believe that we should “give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s” (Matthew 22:21).

All TEMCON counselors are duly ordained and seminary trained in the field of Christian Counseling. They also maintain additional credentials and/or training in specific fields. Our ministry will not disclose any information obtained within the Clergy-Penitent relationship entrusted upon us by the Holy Spirt (1Timothy 2:5). If you request, we will release information to whom you specifically designate via your written consent. We cannot break our covenent relationship with our clients, only the client has the authority to do so.

In accordance with sound biblical principles, our counselors will release information under the following specific circumstances:

  • The counselee intends to harm himself or another.
  • Where there is reasonable suspicion of active abuse of the elderly or children under the age of 18


TEMCON is a private pay Christian counseling ministry. No insurance plans of any kind are accepted for the following reasons.
  • As a Christian Counseling Ministry, our records are confidential within the Clergy-Penitent privilege. We will not release ANY information to ANY entity without the expressed written authorization of the counselee.
  • Most insurance companies usually require a formal diagnosis utilizing the current edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Although we fully understand that there exist mental disorders as well as spiritual ones, we do not believe that labeling our clients with specific disorders is in keeping with the goals of Biblical Counseling.
  • Our goal is to promote healing and relationship through sound Biblical principles and procedures. The covenantal relationship between counselee and counselor is a sacred one. During the course of filing insurance reports, that trust is breached.


Individual: $85.00 per 50 minute session (includes initial assessment and APS testing fee; the initial session usually lasts approximately 90 minutes and there is no additional fee)

Couple: $125.00 per 50 minute session (includes initial assessment, APS testing fee; the initial session usually lasts approximately 90 minutes at no additional charge)

Pre-marriage Counseling Discount Package: $300.00 (includes 4 – 50 minute sessions, initial assessment, APS testing for the couple) If the sessions exceed four, the couple may continue sessions at a discounted rate of $145.00 per session

Pastoral Counseling Discounted Package: $450.00 (Includes 6 – 50 minute sessions, initial assessment and APS testing fee)

In addition, we offer the following discounted employee counseling packages to employers, non-profits, private entities and churches who wish to provide for the needs of their members. Our experience shows that 87% of specific problems can be addressed within six sessions.

Gold fellowship Package: $2250.00
  • Includes 30 – 50 minutes sessions available to Sponsor organization members and /or their family. The discounted APS testing fee of $40.00 is the responsibility of each individual counselee and is due the first session. At the end of the allotted sessions, the package may be renewed.

Silver Fellowship Package: $1500.00

  • Includes two pastoral counseling packages, initial assessment and APS testing fee for each
  • 20% discount per session for each member (excludes discounted APS testing fee)
  • $55.00 per session fee if session is being paid directly by Sponsor organization
  • Valid for one calendar year from purchase

Bronze Fellowship Package: $1200.00

  • 20% discount per session for each member (excludes discounted APS testing fee)
  • $55.00 per session fee if session is being paid directly by Sponsor organization
  • Valid for one calendar year from purchase

Our primary goal is to provide professional Christian counseling services that meet the individual needs of your church, business or non-profit. In order to do so, Dr. Williams will meet with your designated staff, assess your needs and budgetary allotments, then develop a counseling program to fulfill those specific needs. Call us today for more details and inquire about our special discounted day rate as well.

Cancellation Policy: We agree to and ask that clients maintain responsible relations regarding appointment times. If the client does not show for a scheduled appointment, he/she will be charged at (1) half the rate for the first incident and (2) the full fee rate for any incident thereafter.

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