About E.H "Gene" Williams Jr. (Th.D., DCC, CTC)

Dr. Williams is the founder of TEMCON Christian Counseling Ministry. Prior to God’s calling to the counseling ministry he spent 24 years in the field of public safety with a focus in the field of tactical emergency medicine/training. He has served with the U.S. Treasury Department, Department of Defense and Department of State in various strategic roles within the Middle East and elsewhere. He has had the opportunity to provide consultation, training, and mission support services throughout the United States, Republic of Trinidad & Tobago, Republic of Haiti, Australia, and other countries.

When called into the ministry Dr. Williams was led to specialize in counseling the pornophile and those suffering from PTSD within the confines of the federal correctional institution. He authored “The Porneia Paradigm”, a five-month intensive re-entry program geared toward the incarcerated sexual offender. This program was tested within the federal correctional institution setting with positive results and has been adapted to address the sexual offender before they reach that point in their sin.

Dr. Williams is an ordained minister, certified temperament counselor, worship leader and apologist. Dr. Williams received his first graduate degree in Emergency and Disaster Management from Touro University. He subsequently graduated from Nations University where he was awarded a graduate degree in Religious Studies with a focus in the field of Christian apologetics. He earned a Doctorate in Theology (Th.D.) and Christian Counseling (DCC) from Andersonville Theological Seminary. He specializes in treating a variety of sexual related addictions, especially that of pornography. He is also committed to provide treatment to those suffering from the effects of PTSD. Dr. Williams has earned advanced certifications through the National Christian Counselors Association in the field of sexual addiction, temperament therapy and cognitive behavior and ethics. He is also a board certified pastoral counselor through the American Association of Christian Counselors.

Dr. Williams may be contacted directly at drehwilliamsjr@gmail.com

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